There are million other places you could be, but it means the world that you ended up on our page! We can't wait to meet you and create with you.

I've been shooting for eight years, over 200 weddings (woaahhh) and hundreds of couples. I love everything about photography (except the taxes). Most of all, the people and the way they bring me closer to Jesus.

Lauren Marie Photo expanded beyond just myself when I met Zach. He loves video and has a unique creative eye that complements mine. Now we're engaged + wedding planning alongside all of our couples!

I'm so excited to share my art with you. The way a song makes you feel or a painting gives you awe – that's how I vow to represent your relationships.

While I do consider my style to be journalistic in nature, I love the creative challenge of editorial posing. Through the process, I want you to trust that we will create beautiful galleries that make you feel and keep you in awe.



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FAVORITE TRip we've been on

It's so hard to pick just one. Each trip has been so special, but I loved Yosemite. We went when they still required permits, so the park was super empty and it was hazy from wildfires – a very sad but stunning scene. I don't think we'll ever get to see it like that again.

My favorite trip that we’ve been on was when we visited Italy in September of 2023. I had always dreamt of seeing the Dolomites but it was also special because it was my first time leaving the country. Lauren had been just a few months prior for a shoot so it was a special moment to go with her the next time and see all the things I had only seen in her pictures. 

what's on repeat?

Music has always been sentimental in our relationship so I'm tempted to go with Mt. Joy. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Zach Bryan, Glass Animals, and Billie Eilish! Mt. Joy is probably *our* band, though! We're seeing them at Red Rocks this year and I'm so stoked for it.

Mt. Joy will always be sentimental to me because it’s a band I listened to a lot when Lauren and I first started dating. I loved their first album, then they dropped their second album shortly before we met so naturally many of the songs from that album make me think of Lauren. The energy and lyrics are about new beginnings so of course it fit that chapter of both our lives well. 

no. 1 memory in our relationship

Ummm everything is a favorite memory! I have to say even though we've been on some extraordinary trips, I love the mundane moments at home cooking dinner, watching Survivor & Big Brother, date nights at Torchy's and climbing with each other. They make me appreciate that boring life is fun life when you're with the right person.

Lauren and I went skiing together for the first time on our one year anniversary and it takes the cake for my favorite memory from our relationship. Snowboarding and just being in the mountains makes me the happiest so to experience that with Lauren for the first time was incredible. It has turned into our favorite thing to do together so we’re always looking for an excuse to take a ski trip. 

best part of our wedding

We wanted our wedding to feel more like a ski trip than a wedding and achieving that was the best part. There's nothing like your community being all together – sharing our favorite activity with our favorite people was so special. 
A close second was a few deer hanging out with us after our first look. THAT was incredible.

The best part of our wedding was the house we got married in, which was a ski-in-ski-out right off the main run at Angel Fire. It helped make a lot of memories that weekend - our siblings sledding down the hills, friends hot tubbing while we all skied by, watching the Super Bowl in the media room, and I guess the part where we said “I do” is important too.